What is a Family Constellation ?

 A family constellation is present time representation of an internal image of you with your family, including previous generations. It is an intensive therapy that shows the deep connection we have with our family. Through that image we can see hidden dynamics, destructive behavior, painful loyalties, entanglements with a member of the family, that could be in the present generation or in a previous one, There is usually dynamics that could have been going on for several generations, making a member of the family "sick" through suffering, illness, abandonment, loneliness, limitations to have a career, a happy relationship or money.



   It can be done on a one-to-one basis. When worked in a private session, figures can be use to represent the client and the client's family. When done in a group, the client will be ask to choose someone from the group, (who doesn't know the client), to represent them and his/her family. The representatives should be free of emotions, thoughts and information, and be open to received whatever the "knowing field" will transmit to them. From there amazing things can happen. The client's entanglement will emerge for him/her. Helping the client see or bring an order within themselves and their true order in his or her family bring a healing effect for them..


Who is Bert Hellinger ?


Bert Hellinger is a former priest, a psychoanalyst, educator, body, family and group therapist. He was a missionary in Africa for 16 years. After leaving priesthood he studied Gestalt, Primal therapy, Transactional Analysis and other mayor forms of psychotherapy. Born in Germany, his family constellations work came through his lifetime experiences, observations and wisdom, to bring a resolution to family entanglement in a very unique way.